I’m sitting on a plane, hoping they can fix the tire and we can take off only an hour delayed. I do a lot of this . . . sitting and waiting in and around airplanes. It’s good for me. I’m not a patient person by nature. I don’t like delays. I’ve got stuff to do! That’s why this is good for me.

Learning to wait is critical for the life of prayer. Scripture is filled with commands about waiting on God. “LORD, I wait for you; you will answer, Lord my God” (Psalm 38:14-16). “But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me” (Micah 7:6-8). Why waiting?  Because it’s good for us. Lamentations 3:26 reminds us “It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD.” Waiting takes me off of my schedule and my agenda and . . . if I do it properly puts me on God’s schedule and His agenda.

So now . . . I wait. Rather than fret, I close my eyes and turn my thoughts to the Lord. I ask Him what His agenda is for this day. And . . . I write the blog I needed to write!


8:59 AM Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dave, your comments on waiting on God are excellent, and have blessed me. I want to pass along to you a poem which the Lord gave me many months ago as I meditated on Romans 8:28. It relates to what you said. Lord bless. God Works Behind the Scenes Romans 8:28 God works behind the scenes His wonders to perform How wondrous are those works We stand in awe of each one of them When things happen we can’t explain Just pause to consider – He is busy at work. Don’t doubt, don’t get up tight Our God is in control Satan would make us always doubt ‘He never believes God’s Word. He knows not the mind of God, And he hates to see His plan succeed. But when we see God’s works in motion Believe He is perfecting His Word. He performs what pleases Himself, And in the process we are blessed. Don’t fret and fume and get upset. God is on His throne in heaven. He also lives within our hearts – And there He ordains His peace. “I know the thoughts I think toward you, Thoughts of peace and not of evil, To give you an expected end.” Those words of God to Jeremiah are true. Behind the scenes we know God is at work To faithfully execute His plan. Time is but the schedule He’s set Which He never fails to bring to pass. Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! From age to age we worship Him ‘Cause He is faithful to keep His Word – And His Word is changeless. “Never be anxious”, says the Lord. “Never worry when you don’t understand. My thoughts are often beyond your grasp ‘Cause I AM God and you are man. “Just stand in awe and praise Me. Bow in reverence before My majesty. Say, with the angels, ‘Halleluiah! You alone are worthy. You alone know best ‘”. Lord of all, I’ve heard Your voice You’ve spoken, oh, so clearly. Let me never, ever, doubt your love. I know what You say is so. All things do work together for good, To those who love You, To those who are called According to Your glorious purposes. Remember…God does work behind the scenes. Remember…He is on the throne. Remember…He is always in control. Remember…all is for our good. Amen and Amen.

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