Missions Prayer Calendar

A missions-minded church in Indiana produces a prayer calendar every year focused on the missions and mission partners they support. Calendars are very easy to produce and share with today’s technology! This church has pictures of their missions partners and their family with names, ages of the children, etc. They also post some interesting facts about each family member.

The calendar has a map of the area where each missions partner is serving, whether at home or in another nation and told a bit about the culture, people group, etc. that the family is located in. Also, they give a brief description of the mission they are associated with, their mission statement and the ministry God has called them to specifically.

They check with each family to see what specific prayer requests they have for the coming year and shared those as well. Other scriptures and blessings are posted on each day of the week or month to pray for this family…or multiple families depending on how many missions partners there are. You can divide up the 12 months any way you wish.

As you can see, the calendar can either be physical or digital, and there is much creativity that can be utilized depending upon the church! Encourage families to pray daily for the featured missions partners and their families, as well as their people group, nation, etc.

If possible, for those who are not serving locally, try having a Zoom or Facetime Live call with your missions partner on a Sunday morning in the month you are featuring their family and pray for them in real time! You will need to set this up creatively due to the time differences that may exist.

This is a great way to engage people of all ages with the missions partners your church supports and is a tremendous blessing to those who are serving on the mission field locally or globally!

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