Get in the Prayer Zone!

Consider taking what are normally “wasted” moments of life and turning them into powerful seasons of prayer for others by establishing a prayer zone around yourself! Here are some examples:

You have arrived early to an event: Can you imagine sitting in a half empty stadium or concert venue with lots of time on your hands before the event begins? Instead of checking your phone, set up a prayer zone and begin praying for those sitting around you, and others as they come in and find their seats. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the power and presence of God into the lives of people you might otherwise never notice and might completely ignore. Some might be hurting, others confused or lonely…and many are lost without the hope of a Lord and Savior. Scripture says in James 4, “You do not have because you do not ask.” Imagine the spiritual impact you can have on people simply by paying attention and setting up a zone of prayer to invite the Spirit of God to move in the lives of people. Praying for people is a powerful example of love and compassion.

Waiting Room: While you are held captive in a waiting room at a hospital, or doctor’s office, begin to pray for those around you. Ask God, through His Spirit, to show you how to pray for each person. This place of waiting has now become a prayer zone!

Standing in Line: Instead of being exasperated or frustrated by your wait, take time to pray for each person in the line ahead of you and behind you. Ask God to meet these people. Pray blessing over each person.  

A Child’s sports practice: Sometimes the endless practices can wear on a parent or grandparent, but if you take time to use this opportunity to set up a prayer zone around you and pray for the other parents, grandparents, the kids and coaches, etc. you have just created a sanctuary for God to move in the midst of many lives!

As you can see, there are many more examples of how to use Prayer Zones! God can transform any season of waiting into a sacred space where He is invited to move in the lives of people around you. Who knows how many people might be filled with joy they can’t explain, or feel comfort, peace, strength, etc. growing in them…the very thing he or she needed in this moment – because you set up a Zone of Prayer around yourself and interceded on their behalf?

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