How to Encourage Young Families to Attend Prayer Gatherings

Many churches have poor attendance at prayer gatherings. Here are two ways to boost attendance for those with families, as “child care” is often an issue:

  1. Offer Prayer Care instead of Child Care for young kids. If parents know that their kids will be trained to pray in fun, creative ways, and also be prayed for by loving people while they attend the prayer gathering with other adults, it is a good way to encourage them to come. This requires preparing some simple prayer materials and training for “prayer care volunteers” who love children and want to see them grow spiritually. It also is important to have a set time frame for the prayer gathering that releases parents to pick up their kids after an hour. Benefits: Parents can pray without distraction, kids are trained in prayer and prayed for by others, and the time is spent in a spiritual pursuit that is fun and engaging for the children. Parents and kids can talk about prayer and learn to pray together and for one another because they have each spent time with the Father.
  2. Have regular intergenerational prayer gatherings: On a regular basis invite entire families to attend the prayer gathering, preparing opportunities for all ages to be a part. For example, set up a few family-friendly prayer stations and allow families to walk from one to the next together along with others who are attending. Benefits: children feel valued by the adults in their church, adults learn that children do not have junior Holy Spirits, and everyone learns from one another how to pray with and for each other, and for what is on the heart of God.


For ideas, check out the book The Praying Family by Kim Butts and her Pinterest board: Kids and Prayer

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