It’s an important question you know. “Can prayer save America?” It’s much more than a clever theme for a magazine. The answer might well determine the future of our nation.

I’m convinced this first issue of Prayer Connect will impact Christians around the planet to pray more fervently and effectively for the United States. That’s a good thing. It’s always a good thing. Clear, biblically based prayer always releases the power of God into a situation in God’s timing and in God’s way.

But it still doesn’t answer the question. Can prayer save America? Sure, if saving America is what God wants to do. Then prayer will be absolutely essential. Prayers of confession and repentance can bring us to that safe place of humility before God. Intercessory prayers to release salvation, revival, justice, compassion, and mercy will become commonplace and powerful. We can see amazing cultural transformation.

Let’s not however, move into this season of prayer for America with the assumption that God wants to save America. Wouldn’t it be safer (as well as probably more correct theologically) to assume that as a nation we are deserving of judgment? Then our prayers will take on a more desperate attitude. We will find ourselves in tears, pleading for mercy, and hoping for grace. The churches of America should even now be filled with penitent believers, fearing the judgment of God upon a nation that has step by step turned from His ways.

Dave Butts Biography

David is a much sought after conference speaker both nationally and internationally. He serves on several Boards of Directors and committees focused on prayer, revival and evangelism including:

  • President, Gospel Revivals, Inc. (Herald of His Coming)
  • Chairman, America's National Prayer Committee
  • Treasurer, Denominational Prayer Leaders' Network
  • Chairman, Pioneer Bible Translators Board of Directors
  • Board Member, America Prays/World Prays
  • Executive Committee - Awakening America Alliance
  • President 2014 - International Conference on Missions (ICOM)

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