A Simple Social-Distancing Prayer Idea

Two young girls, Makiah and Zalaiah who are passionate about prayer in Sacramento, CA decided to offer their neighbors a unique way to be prayed for during this season of social-distancing! They set up a prayer table for their neighbors taking walks or driving by to stop and leave their requests.

What You Will Need:

Set a table out on your front lawn or driveway with a small basket or container that has new, sharpened pencils of any size, and index cards that are individually sealed in ziplock baggies. Also, put a separate small box or basket on the table for people to put their prayer requests into. Make a large sign that says “How Can We Pray for You?”

Simple Instructions to leave on the table:

Hello Neighbors! I (we) would love to pray for you today.
1. Please take a baggie with a card inside, and write down a need or a request you have on the card. You may put your name on the paper, or be completely anonymous.
2. Put your card back in the baggie, seal it and put it in the other basket/box.
3. To keep us all safe, please take the pencil with you as a gift.
4. I (we) will regularly pick up the prayer requests and pray over them!

Thanks for letting us pray for you!

PRAYER, PEACE, and the PRESENCE of GOD by David Butts

As believers, we are supposed to walk in the peace of Christ, yet we all have stressful issues and circumstances that rob us of this peace. Subtitled “A 30-Day Journey to Experience the Shalom of Jesus,” Prayer, Peace and the Presence of God powerfully encourages the reader on how to hold onto that peace in any circumstance.

The author, David Butts, started writing this book and 10 days into it he got word that he was in stage 4 with a rare form of lymphoma. God allowed him to live, in a greater way, what he is challenging readers to do in Prayer, Peace and the Presence of God.

His 30-day devotional will encourage, inspire and challenge you that you, too, can experience and walk in the peace of Jesus no matter what circumstances you are walking through.

 Learn more about purchasing this book here

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