The Statue of Liberty loomed before us as we worshipped the Lord and prayed on board a small ship this past September 11. Prayer leaders from around the nation had  gathered to participate in Cry Out America. We were praying around New York harbor on this memorable 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that have so impacted our nation.

As we slowed down nearest the shoreline where the new Freedom Towers are rising from the site of the former World Trade Center, I was asked to lead our group in a season of prayer.

As faith-filled prayers ascended to the Throne of God, I was struck by the lack of fear. Though many warnings had been given about the possibility of terrorist attacks that day, the atmosphere was one of faith, not fear. There was also a determination that on this day the Church would respond with prayers that were about Heaven’s agenda for spiritual awakening in our nation.

The time is over for prayers that are simply about our wants and wishes. It is time for the power of God to be released over this nation that returns the hearts of His people to the Lord!

New York City was just one place where prayer for revival was occurring on September 11. We have since received reports of more than 2,500 different prayer events on that day that focused on spiritual awakening in the United States. That figure doesn’t begin to account for the thousands of individual congregations who that day, remembered Sept.11 by praying for a fresh move of the Spirit of God among the Church. Harvest Prayer Ministries is delighted to be among those who are leading the way in calling the Church to revival praying!

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