Web Advertising 

We have the following opportunities to advertise on our websites. 

 Top Banner Ad (470 x 60)
 $200 per month
 Right Side Ad Large (315 x 250)     
 $125 per month
 Right Side Ad Small (315 x120)
 $100 per month

Ads will be in a rotation with other advertisers, but no more than four ads in any slot will be sold. These slots run on every page of the website, so your ads have a good chance of being in the view of all who come to the site.

We have three websites with advertising--each targets a slightly different audience. You can select whichever website you desire as your primary site. On any month that we have not filled all advertising slots, we select ads that have been paid on one site, and run them free on a second site.

Sites Available:

Prayer Connect Magazine -- prayerconnect.net  Average # of Browsers: 225 -450 per day. 60-Day Ave: 267 per day. Ave time per page: 2:38

Harvest Prayer Ministries -- harvestprayer.com  Average # of Browsers: 525-750 per day. 60-Day Ave: 564 per day. Ave time on Page: 3:03

Church Prayer Leaders Network -- prayerleader.com  Average # of Browsers: 250-500 per day. 60 Day Ave: 294 per day. Ave time per page: 4:08 

Contact Jonathan Graf to discuss options. jong@harvestprayer.com

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