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Welcome to Harvest Prayer Ministries

Harvest Prayer Ministries exists to equip the local church to become a House of Prayer for all nations, releasing God’s power for revival and finishing the task of world evangelization. We work to transform lives by teaching prayer. We hope our website will encourage and help you to go deeper into your connection with Jesus Christ through prayer.

We do this through consulting, teaching, developing resources, discipling, networking, and partnering. As you explore our site, you will see the many ways Harvest seeks to encourage churches and believers to deepen their connection with Jesus Christ through prayer. Hopefully you will come to trust us as a solid, biblically based ministry that can provide you with encouragement and the tools to pray more effectively.

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(HPM has four five websites with thousands of pages of content and resources on prayer. Each month this section will highlight an article or idea from one of these sites that we think will be a blessing to you.)

God's name for us 

davebutts_thumb.jpgBy Dave Butts

The prayer meeting was to begin at 7:00 pm. So why were people lined up on the sidewalk at 5:00 pm waiting for the doors to the church to open? I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a cold December in Brooklyn, New York, and people were huddled together waiting to come into a prayer meeting. That had not been the case in my previous church prayer meeting experiences! But it was Tuesday night at Brooklyn Tabernacle and it was time to pray.

By 7:00 pm the building was filled to overflowing capacity. The next two hours were filled with amazing times of worship and prayer.

That night was not an exception, but the norm at Brooklyn Tab. Every Tuesday, the Brooklyn Tabernacle congregation models a wonderful way for a church to gather in prayer. The power of God is poured out as the people of God seek Him together in prayer.

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Featured Resources

Vertical With Jesus

Vertical with Jesus Cover.jpgDave and Kim Butts's newest release, Vertical with Jesus: A 30 Day Journey to Impact Kingdom Living is a devotional prayer guide that will help you balance the need to connect with God through prayer and the horizontal activities of day to day ministry and life.

Excellent for individual use or for an entire congregation to go vertical together through a 30-day prayer initiative.

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Nothing Wrong with Routine

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

For a few months while my son-in-law was stationed in West Africa, my daughter and two-year-old grandson Jack lived with us. Jack likes routines. Every afternoon when I came home from work, Jack would immediately run up to me with arms outstretched, indicating he wanted me to pick him up....More»»

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Saturday, April 04, 2015

No matter how long I teach on prayer, I don’t think I’ll ever plumb the depths of the teaching of Jesus on prayer through what we call The Lord’s Prayer. In its simplicity it is packed with practical guidance for effective prayer. I believe that the focus of this prayer is the heart of Jesus’ other teaching as well…the Kingdom. Jesus’ lifestyle and teaching focused on the Kingdom of God. So it shouldn't surprise us that when he teaches on prayer, he points us to pray about the Kingdom....More»»

Operating on the Wrong Information

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I was recently recalling an occasion in my life when I spent a lot of time and effort trying to fix a situation in my own strength. The outcome, as you can probably imagine, was a disaster. My ideas, my wisdom, my experience and my advice were so filled with my own fleshly desire to see quick resolution of conflict and peace prevail that, to my shame, I neglected the Kingdom purposes of God…and indeed, God Himself....More»»

The Discipline of Solitude in Everyday Life

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Over the past several months, I have found myself longing for more opportunities for solitude…for time with God that for this season of my life seemingly can only be found in the peaceful, set apart spaces....More»»

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