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Consider taking a prayer retreat. We have a wonderful retreat center on 65 acres of woods and meadows in rural west-central Indiana.

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Be stimulated each morning with some inspirational thoughts on prayer and a few Scripture-based prayer points. Click here for information.

resources to help Pray for our nation

Believers need to pray as never before for our land. Here are some resources to help you and your congregation.

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Welcome to Harvest Prayer Ministries

Harvest Prayer Ministries exists to equip the local church to become a House of Prayer for all nations, releasing God’s power for revival and finishing the task of world evangelization. We work to transform lives by teaching prayer. We hope our website will encourage and help you to go deeper into your connection with Jesus Christ through prayer.

We do this through consulting, teaching, developing resources, discipling, networking, and partnering. As you explore our site, you will see the many ways Harvest seeks to encourage churches and believers to deepen their connection with Jesus Christ through prayer. Hopefully you will come to trust us as a solid, biblically based ministry that can provide you with encouragement and the tools to pray more effectively.

the worldwide reach of harvest

staffsmall.jpgWhile stationed in the U.S., Harvest has a significant ministry reach into the nations of the world. Two of our staff are currently in the heart of the Middle East (location undisclosed) where for three months they are assisting two under-the-radar groups in a country closed to the gospel. Actually, this is the fourth summer they have helped these groups.

"We are deeply humbled that God has opened a door to this opportunity," says the staff member. "To lead these small groups in worship each Friday just blows me away. I have several times had to choke back my emotions when I stood up to preach to the multi-ethnic group of mostly foreign workers from the nations of Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Columbia, Egypt, Great Britain, Canada and the U.S. Everything from liturgical Episcopalian to Pentecostal among them, all worshiping the Lord Jesus--in unity!"

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Featured Resources

Prayer and the Word of god

Prayer and Word cover.jpgWe are excited to announce the release of a new Bible study on prayer--Prayer and the Word of God--by Cynthia Hyle Bezek, the former editor of Pray! magazine. Prayer and the Word of God looks at the connection between the two and shows you how to hear God's Word--both spoken and written. It is a 6-week study, great for a small group, Sunday school class, or an individual looking to understand the mystery of prayer. This study will not teach you things about prayer, but show you how to pray! 

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Aloneness in Prayer

Friday, August 15, 2014

This morning as I was preparing for work, I thought through all that was on my plate for the day and began to feel a bit overwhelmed. Then, a small thought came into my mind… “Maybe you need some aloneness in prayer.” It occurred to me that it was exactly what I was needing…even craving – aloneness....More»»

When the Quick Fix Won't Cut It

Monday, August 11, 2014

Recently my family went through a very painful experience that did not turn out as we thought it would. We were praying for a specific outcome. We had some “world class” intercessors praying as well. But a shocking outcome came none-the-less....More»»

When Theology and Knowledge Ruin Faith

Friday, July 25, 2014

As a person with a graduate degree and a teacher’s heart, I have always valued the importance of education. I love to see churches with good discipleship ministries that attempt to teach their people the deeper things of the faith....More»»

Prayer in Suffering

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Recently, I have heard the heart cry of several friends and family who have been enduring significant seasons of suffering....More»»

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