Jeff Coon


jeff_coon.jpgTeaching Associate

Location: Viroqua, WI

Scheduling Contact:  or 698-696-5714



 Jeff is the pastor of Viroqua Church of Christ in SW Wisconsin and is available to offer Friday and Saturday seminars or speak at many weekend events. His church is a Kingdom-minded group of believers that also love for him to invest in other congregations quite a few times per year on Sunday mornings. He is able to travel reasonably to most anywhere in the Midwest, but is open to the Lord’s leading anywhere.

Jeff and his wife, Denise, have four children with whom they have the blessed privilege of training as straight arrows for the King. Jeff is striving to "turn the hearts of the Fathers toward their children." His 28 plus years of pastoral ministry in Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, and Australia, have taught him that the church is a family of families, and until our families are restored our foundation for strong churches will remain unrestored.


Focused Weekends

Learning to Love to Pray

Restoring the Family


Select Seminars

Blessing Your Family, Your Church, Your Jerusalem, Your Judea/Samaria, and the Ends of the Earth

Created to Pray

Intercessory Prayer

Leadership in a House of Prayer

Prayer as Spiritual Warfare

The Heart of a Praying Father

The History of Prayer -- How Jesus Changed Prayer Forever

The Keys of Effective Family Prayer

The Multi-generational View of Revival

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