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Praying God's Character

As Christian parents, it is not difficult to discern whom we wish our children to be like. We desire for them to be like Christ, and our greatest hope is that others will be able to see Him in them.... See Articles

Become a Prayer Missionary

For those of you who have never heard this term, a prayer missionary is someone who takes on (or adopts) a country, a geographical area, or a specific unreached people group and starts praying on a daily and systematic basis.... See Articles

Ask the Lord of the Harvest

We recently had dinner with friends who are working to raise their funds to go on the mission field.... See Articles

Prayer Evangelism

When I was young I had an uncle who would come visit about once a year. He was just a mailman who worked hard--rain, sleet, snow or hail.... See Articles

Humility and Prayer

At nine-thirty in the evening, I began leading students at a Midwestern Christian college campus in a concert of prayer, a guided prayer service.... See Articles

Prerequisite for Answered Prayer

Holiness might be considered a strange topic by many to be addressed at the beginning of the third millennium after Christ. In our culture today, it’s almost a forgotten topic.... See Articles

A Priest That Prays

When we think of a priest, we usually think of one who is in a special relationship to God, able to approach Him on behalf of others.... See Articles

Jump Start Your Prayer Battery

From time to time, many of us need a fresh shot of enthusiasm in many areas of our lives... See Articles

A Seeking Heart

What are you looking for in life? Be careful what you look for. The Bible tells us that those who seek will find.... See Articles

You Can Hear God Speak

One of the greatest blessings a true believer has is to hear and know the voice of God.... See Articles

The Prayer of Forgiveness

“Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.” Scripture is very clear that sin is a hindrance to answered prayer.... See Articles

Prayer Strategy for Ministry

All too often we look at prayer as a "quick fix" to a difficult situation. Have you ever said, "I've tried everything else--I might as well pray!... See Articles

Guarding the Minds

Author, Stormie O’Martian, in her book, The Power of A Praying Parent, says, "The battle for our children’s lives is waged on our knees.... See Articles

The Accuser Versus The Intercessor

We live in a time of spiritual intensity. There is a very clear battle going on for the souls of men and women.... See Articles

Prayer as Spiritual Warfare

My favorite Bible story is found in 2 Kings 6. It is the story of the prophet Elisha and his involvement in the war between Israel and the Arameans.... See Articles

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